HSBC confirmation of cover demand - travel


Please ensure all information below is correct and only names and date of birth of insured persons as defined within your terms and conditions are added.

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Additional travellers

If you are travelling with other insured persons, please complete their details below to include them in the confirmation letter. Please note: Partner must live with the account holder at their home in a domestic relationship.

Please confirm that you have read and agree with the following statements

You and any other traveller named:

• Have not previously had Covid-19 unless it has been screened and accepted by us as an existing medical condition

• Have not currently got any Covid-19 symptoms or are awaiting any test results for Covid-19

• Will not be travelling whilst under any quarantine or self-isolation restrictions

• Will not be covered for any event for which the dates had been publicly announced and/or reported by the media at the time of opening your HSBC bank account/Insurance Aspects or booking your trip (whichever is later)

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