Group Healthzone


We recognise that your role as group administrator for your company’s private medical insurance scheme is an important one.

You will be helping make sure that everything runs smoothly and that your members are aware of all benefits they are entitled to. You are the contact for any day to day issues that your members may have.

We appreciate that the group administrator role is just one of many responsibilities your job may entail, so to make it easier we have developed Group HealthZone. This contains all the information you need for the smooth management of your healthcare scheme, as well as help and advice you may need from time to time.

A summary of your responsibilities

As group administrator you are responsible for:

  • Distributing the individual group member packs and any additional letters to your group members. These contain important information and are private and confidential
  • Stressing the importance to your group members of reading all their policy documentation to see what they're covered for. For schemes covering 2–99 employees this can be found in their group member booklet and policy schedule. Larger schemes will find this information in their member guide and cover guide containing the policy summary
  • Letting your members know what options your company has chosen for your policy
  • Drawing your members’ attention to the underwriting applied to their policy
  • Advising your members of the terms and conditions as described in their copy of the group member booklet/member guide and the policy wording of which you will have a copy
  • Arranging for payment of the premiums
  • Advising Aviva when a member joins or leaves the scheme.


At Aviva we’ve always worked hard to develop a range of health and protection solutions. They’re designed to put your needs first, whilst giving you value for money and peace of mind. Healthpoint is just one of these innovations.

What is Healthpoint?

Healthpoint is our online service, which helps you manage and control your scheme’s membership, and access information relating to your scheme.

Healthpoint is available to Experience Rated private medical schemes (predominantly covering 100 or more employees) with medical history disregarded or new moratorium underwriting.

How will Healthpoint help you?

The services described below are currently available on the system with the possibility to add more services in the future to give further benefits to you.

Member management

This will enable you, as the group administrator, to manage the staff membership of your private medical scheme.

  • Make real-time changes to current records
  • Add new members or remove members as required.

Membership reporting

This allows you to segment membership in a variety of ways and produce a range of static PDF reports. For example:

  • Group members/employees only
  • New members
  • Leavers reports

Additional features

  • The option of high level claims reporting
  • A range of supporting features, such as FAQs

Healthpoint adviser team

0800 145 5675 (option 2)

Lines are open Mon–Fri, 9.00am – 5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded

Or email:

Who to contact

If you have arranged your scheme via an intermediary please contact them in the first instance.

Schemes with Age Rated underwriting (predominantly schemes with 2-99 members)

Schemes with Experience Rated underwriting (predominantly schemes with 100 or more members)

Continued cover for members leaving your company scheme

Cause for complaint

Our aim is to do everything we can to ensure you're satisfied. However, if you ever feel our service has fallen short and you've cause to make a complaint, please let us know.

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