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Whether you're years from retirement or it's just around the corner, it's important to understand how pensions work and to start to plan for the future. To help you, Aviva’s Communications & Engagement team, run a series of online pension seminars to guide you through the different aspects of saving into a pension,  accessing your pension savings and getting your retirement plans in order. 

The 'At a glance' table below shows all the pension seminars running throughout the year. For more information about each seminar, to view dates and times and to book a place use the other tabs along the top of the table. 

At a glance














Career Stage Seminars
My Retirement,  My Way                        
Mid-Life MOT                        
Your Financial Future                        
Subject based pension seminars Welcome to your new Workplace pension                        
Transferring a  pension                        
Managing your  account  online                        
Pension  Basics                        
Understanding  investments                        
Financial Fitness                        
Hot topics Mortgages and homebuying basics                        
How to get the most from pension tax relief                        
Gender Pension Gap                         

Career Stage Seminars






What does it cover?

Age Group and appropriate audience


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Your  Financial Future 




·Understanding debt 

·Saving for your future

·Getting online




 Your Financial Future booking page  

Mid-Life MOT


·Financial status


·Health & Wellbeing

·Retirement Planning

·Next steps

30 – 54**



Mid Life MOT booking page

My Retirement, My Way



·Financial needs in retirement

·Accessing your retirement savings

·Next steps

55 +**


My Retirement, my way booking page

Subject based pension seminars






What does it cover?

Age Group and appropriate audience


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Welcome to your new workplace pension Bi-Monthly

·Why it’s important to save for the future

·How your pension works

·The choices you have

·How to plan for retirement

·The next steps you can take

All Your new pension booking page 

Pension Transfers


·How does a workplace pension work

·Types of pensions

·Tracing a lost pension

·Transferring a pension



Pension Transfers booking page 




Managing your account online 



·How does a workplace pension work

·Managing your account online - getting online, updating beneficiaries etc

·Online Demo



Managing your account online booking page


Pension Basics



·The importance of saving for retirement

·How does a workplace pension work 

·Online tools

·Planning for retirement

All Pension Basics booking page

Understanding investments



·How does a workplace pension work

·Understanding investments

·What is Ethical and Responsible investing?




  Understanding investments booking page  
Financial Fitness Quarterly


·Household bills

·Understanding debt

-Your income and ways to boost it

-Protecting you and your family

-Savings and pensions

All Financial Fitness booking page

Hot topics






What does it cover?

Age Group and appropriate audience


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Mortgages and homebuying basics February 2024

-When to buy

-Know your income & savings

-Get to know your credit

-What schemes are available?

All Mortgages and homebuying basics booking page  
How to get the most from pension tax relief February and March 2024

-How does it work?

-Tax relief

-Salary sacrifice

-Bonus exchange

-Annual allowance

For those looking to maximise the tax efficiencies available as we approach the end of the tax year, how tax relief works and how you could make the most of any tax breaks on offer. How to get the most from pension tax relief booking page  
Gender Pension Gap March 2024

·Why the gender pension gap exists

·The reasons for the gap

·How it accelerates with age

·Practical ways to close the gap

All Gender Pension Gap booking page   

These are non-scheme specific sessions available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that although our speakers will be covering the topics thoroughly, they will be doing so generally, and so won’t be able to cover scheme-specific information.

You will need to have access to Teams to take part. If you are joining from a mobile device, please ensure that you have the Teams app already installed to the device. Please click here for more information on Teams.

The age groups stated for the Career Stage Seminars are for guidance only. You can choose the seminars you feel are most appropriate for you. It is recommended however, that those looking to attend a My Retirement my way seminar, should be at least 53 and within reach of accessing pension savings.

Some seminars that are listed on this schedule will become available to book closer to the time.